PiCloud Launches Serverless Computing Platform To The Public

Startup PiCloud is launching its platform to the public that allows for batch processing, high performance computing and scientific computing applications. PiCloud, which was incubated at Lightspeed Ventures, claims to “obviates servers,” and enables developers, scientists and engineers to set up applications on the cloud easily.

The PiCloud platform aims to simplify cloud computing through three actions. Cloud.call runs your custom function on the cloud, cloud.result retrieves the return value of your function and cloud.map maps your function to multiple arguments. The startup’s library, which supports the Python code, extracts the byte code, source code, and data necessary to move users’ computation to the cloud. PiCloud also offers a dashboard to manage submitted jobs and analyze usage.

Users also don’t need to develop their software around specific platform APIs; users can use their existing data stores in conjunction with PiCloud, whether their data is on Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, or in their private datacenter.