Handmade knife chipped from fiber optic glass

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Flint (and glass) knapping is no longer practiced on a large scale, but it used to be the primary method of making weapons for primitive cultures. In this day and age of course, itโ€™s easy to go to the sporting goods store and pick up a quality steel knife, but it wasnโ€™t always so.

There are still people out there that practice the art (and I do mean art) of knapping; one such artist created this knife from fiber optic glass, and offers them for sale on his web site. Personally, I doubt I would ever use such a knife for fear of breaking it, but it does make an amazing display piece. If you want one, itโ€™ll cost you $165 โ€“ a small price to pay considering the amount of time it must have taken to hand make this knife from a piece of glass. Remember, one mistake, and you have to start over.

[via Make]

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