Verizon to prep activation systems for 4G devices

Verizon’s already gone on record saying that their LTE network will go live by the end of this year, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people would – y’know – want to use 4G handsets by then. Thanks to a tipster over at BGR, it looks like Verizon is finally getting ready to upgrade their activations systems to accept and provision 4G devices.

So what does that mean for the myriad cell phone peddlers out there? Not much. References to a phone’s ESN or MEID will be removed in employee-facing systems like eROES, in favor of the more generic “Device ID”. A pretty minor change perhaps, but it does at least show that Verizon is making sure everything is good to go by the time their network lights up. Hopefully this means we can start bathing in LTE signal sooner rather than later, but only time (or a timely leak) will tell.