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Mobile Backstage aims to beat Facebook and MySpace for fan interaction

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Mobile Backstage, a new social music service and mobile app that lets artists and bands “engage” with their fans, is set to officially launch next week, although it’s already been trialed by the likes of hip hop star Dizzee Rascal, and the ’emo’ outfit You Me At Six (yes, I’ve never heard of them either). It’s been developed by Steam Republic, a Finnish mobile solutions company, which says it recently raised a second round of funding in the region of €2 million of its target of €3 -5 million.

That’s not necessarily all that newsworthy in itself – there are already plenty of ways for artists to interact with fans online – but what’s perhaps more interesting is that the company claims that its bespoke mobile app, which can be fully branded for each artist/band and runs on iPhone and Java-enabled handsets, beats uber social networks such as Facebook and MySpace in terms of the level of fan interaction and user-generated content.

In trials, Steam Republic says that that it saw 90% of all users regularly post or comment on something within the app, revealing an interaction ratio of 1:46 in comparison to the same artist’s Facebook page (1:780) or MySpace profile (1:20,874). I suspect, however, that this is likely due to the mobile app’s very focused feature set and directness in terms of branding – the artist and fan relationship isn’t lost in a sea of generic social networking – and the fan’s explicit intent in that they bothered to download the app in the first place.

Some of Mobile Backstage’s features include:

  • social features that allow fans to interact with each other and the artist to share their experiences
  • a content management system for web and mobile that enables artists and labels to post band updates, images, video clips, text updates, tour dates etc.
  • integration of content from Twitter and Facebook
  • analytics & stats that provide insights into fans and fan activities
  • iTunes Music Store integration
  • location-based events where fans can ‘check-in’ to gigs using GPS

The Foursquare-esque ‘check-in’ feature seems particularly timely.

In terms of revenue, Stream Republic will charge a one-off fee – around €1,000 for set up and full customisation – and charge a monthly fee to artists/bands/labels. There’s also the opportunity to sell tracks via iTunes, along with concert tickets and merchandise.

  • leisa

    Cool service, but not amazing. To beat FB, it would take more than just copying it. It should be beyond like that, much more like that open-facebook alternative (Diaspora)

  • tahir

    I am waiting that someone come up with some great feature fan page. There should be some special fan page social nework.

  • Gadgetman

    amazing! a new social music service and mobile app that lets artists and bands “engage” with their fans?
    Cool service, great feature fan page.

  • mvc448

    Hasn’t there been another company doing the same thing for the past several years called Mobile Roadie? Is this similar to what they do?

  • Mobile Backstage aims to beat Facebook and MySpace for fan interaction | Just Useful for you

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  • Chris McLellan

    Mobile Roadie is more of an aggregator of static content taken from artist websites etc. Mobile Backstage supports original artist and fan content creation and sharing driven primiarily by the fact that both fans and artists actually have an live in-app social presence.

    • Michael Schneider

      For the record, we do much more than just aggregate “static” content. We have a deep commenting system that spreads content virally via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Fans and artists alike create original content and share it in our apps. Mobile Roadie is a powerful platform that allows artists to have a direct-to-fan relationship and sell music, tickets, and merch via a mobile app (iPhone, iPad + Android).

      • Jakomi Mathews

        Hi Michael Schneider,

        Please feel free to contact my office in the UK +44 2073784623 or alternatively my Australian mobile +61449777777.

        I have an interesting proposition you may be interested in.


  • billy343

    i guess it’s finally ok to say goodbye to artist mobile websites! really amazed

  • Kimble

    Definitely worth paying attention to. They say it’s the only app where the band is actually online and you can really talk to them when you’re a fan! I’d say that’s more like Twitter with the direct connection (cause Facebook is not really for following), but with way more advanced interactive features. Next I hope they get sign up with an artist I actually like! :)

  • RO

    Everything’s nice expect the logo. They really need to redesign it to make it look trendy instead of retro. And use 3 colors max (prefer 2).

  • yohan

    that’s sound good :)

  • San

    Sound so delicious

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  • Jaysen

    The success of an artist now rests on building strong relationships with fans. The app suggests a greater ratio of activity, compared to Facebook’s platform. Let’s see what it delivers. There’s more info here:

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