Penguin-heads rejoice, Spotify lands on Linux

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Spotify has been released for Linux. As of today, a Penguin-friendly version of the streaming music service is available as a preview, although we still don’t seem any closer to the much-rumored U.S. launch.

According to an official blog post, the Linux version was built by developers at the company “during hack days and late nights”, and shares most of the same features as the Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications. That said, due to issues regarding decoding of local music on the Linux platform, Spotify hasn’t been able to include support for local files in this version.

So who is this new version aimed at? Developers using Linux who “want to listen to music while they’re coding away”, says the company. Oh and it’s only available to Premium (paying) subscribers since it doesn’t support ads.

Of course, while landing on Linux is good news for Penguin-heads, many will think that a U.S. launch should have taken priority. Although that’s not something that “hack days and late nights” alone are likely to achieve.

  • Yngve I. Levinsen

    Great to hear they are even supporting Linux. That said, the official windows version has worked pretty flawlessly through wine the entire time. And that version is still available with an ad-based subscription. The wine/windows combo does work with the facebook integration (a bit of a trial and error to get it connected the first time), but local music hasn’t worked with that version neither.

  • MOGmartin

    what? Spotify is available for Linux?

    Ive been USING it on linux for at least the last 6 weeks – how is this news today?


    • Wello

      This is an official native client, not the Windows version through wine or some third-party app.

  • yohan

    linux is elegant :)

  • Stuart

    Yes….Linux rules!!!

  • Mike James

    Fantastic!!!!! Spotify just keeps moving onwards and upwards ;-) Premium Apple apps anyone??? ;-)

  • Liad

    Spotify is amazing. Can’t wait for the Israel launch (probably sometime in 2020)

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  • helix2301

    This is starting to show the popularity of Linux slowly applications or application equivalents are being built for the Linux platform I am glad Linux is starting to get recognized as a desktop OS.

    • Yngve I. Levinsen

      And/or it is showing the multiplatform possibilities of Qt. Here’s hoping a Maemo/MeeGo version is in the works as well :D

    • Steve O'Hear

      Is it really? A half-baked version built by Linux developers in the company’s spare time. Doesn’t seem like recognition of anything to me.

  • asdf

    I’ve been using Spotify on Linux through wine for ages… and I’m writing this as I’m listening to music while I should be coding away.

  • Phil T

    My smile promptly turned to a frown when you mentioned it’s only for premium customers.

    I don’t listen to enough music to warrant a premium subscription. I stopped using Spotify under Ubuntu 9.10 (I think) because I couldn’t achieve stutter free playback under WINE. Recently went to 10.04, reinstalled Spotify & achieved quality playback all of one time. Oh well, it is Linux after all ;) Looks like I’ll be waiting a little while longer just yet then.

    That said, though, I’m really quite pleased to see a native Linux version. The penguin marches onwards & upwards! :)

  • Ricky Laishram

    Well I don’t see any reason to rejoice. Only premium users, no local file support. Its more like a half baked version.
    And as they themselves wrote its developed by their developers during their spare time. They said they will support it but i doubt that.

  • silicone

    Half-baked, just like 99% of everything related to Linux

    • andy

      So you are saying the majority of web servers and super computers are 99% half baked?

      What from your experience of linux is half baked?

      This native linux client is certainly working perfectly, just like it did in wine. The spotify guys have went out of their way to support linux through wine from the near the start, and as they say in their blog they will be trying to support it at the same pace as the windows and mac counterparts, so it can only get better. Plus swedes love linux ;)

  • John

    The comments here about”where is the US launch – tough! Noone else in the workd can access Pandora (thanks RIAA), so why should the US get Spotify?

    It’s so funny to see the whining when US based users can’t access some foreign service 8)

    I hope Spotify opens up everywhere else in the world except the US.

  • JEV

    Penguins rejoice and killer whales plot their death.

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  • Matt Blum

    great job! although can you do the local files yet?

    for a great marketing blog, please see:

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