Solar Powered Toothbrush Cleans Using Electrons

Next time you’re running low on toothpaste, switch to solar power. The Soladey-3 ionic toothbrush from Japan apparently busts plaque with electrons that work with saliva to remove it from your teeth. A solar panel attached to the handle absorbs electrons from light and transmits them to your teeth through ionized water and a titanium oxide semiconductor in the upper shaft of the toothbrush.

According to the Website, “This reaction is not felt by you, but it makes the plaque unstable and easy to remove.” That is reassuring.

It’s different from most electric toothbrushes, which vibrate and sometimes shoot water at your teeth, but still rely on toothpaste to help remove plaque. You could still use toothpaste, but Soladey claims it loosens plaque effectively using only electrons. And don’t worry, night owls – it works with artificial light, too.

Note: Some people think that the health benefits of ionized water is nothing more than “Snake oil on tap.” Anyone have experience with one of these?