Robyn's Trippy, Interactive 3D Video With Twitter Integration Is #KillingMe

This won’t be news to all you cool kids out there, but I hadn’t seen it yet and it popped up in my Twitter stream this morning (you’d be amazed what else goes on down there, but I’ll spare you … for now). Swedish recording artist Robyn (Carlsson) has launched a wicked interactive 3D video, complete with Twitter integration, for her delightfully titled new track, ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’, and you should totally check it out.

Unless you’re epileptic.

To do so, simply head to Written completely in code, the video/website features words from the electro track at first, and after a while starts pulling in random messages posted on Twitter.

If you want your insightful tweets to appear in the trippy video as well, just post something on Twitter like “The decline of TechCrunch as a serious tech news blog is #killingme” (the hashtag is key, of course) and you should see it appear on the left at the bottom of the screen – including your Twitter username. The word that comes before ‘is’ or ‘are’ will be shown in the center of the animation.

Tip: put on 3D glasses for full effect. (What do you mean you don’t have any?)

Sidenote: can you effin’ believe this is the same Robyn from the 1996 hit ‘Show me love’?

(Top image via Zoinks Online)