The Mobile Web Lights Up Between 8 PM And Midnight

Opera has released its latest State of the Mobile Web report, and once again it has registered reasonable growth, with Opera Mini users increasing by 4.2% compared to April 2010. Since that month, page views have also gone up 7.7%, Opera says.

For this report, Opera analyzed one 24-hour period to see how Opera Mini is used throughout the day in the top 10 countries (Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Nigeria, Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, Vietnam and the United Kingdom). Turns out that for all of those, regardless of differences in economy, culture or location, the four hours between 8 PM and midnight apparently account for a disproportionate amount of mobile data consumption.

Opera found that during said 24-hour period, the highest level of Opera Mini use is at nighttime, from 8 PM to midnight with little difference in data consumption between weekdays and weekends, in all of the top 10 countries. Curiously, users in the UK appear to be just as likely to browse on their phones between 8 AM and noon.

Other fun tidbits from the report:

– Night owls: compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in the United States are more likely to be browsing with Opera Mini between midnight and 4 AM.

– Early risers: compared to users in the other top 10 countries, users in the UK are more likely to be browsing between 4 AM and noon.

– In general, evening browsing (between 4 PM and midnight) is more common than daytime browsing (between 8 AM and 4 PM), except in China and the UK where daytime/evening usage is about even.

Is this consistent with your mobile browsing habits, considering you’re in either one of the top 10 countries?