Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for AT&T

I can’t say much about the Galaxy S Captivate that hasn’t been said, other than to inform you that this ultra-slim Android phone is amazingly small, light, and very exciting. Styled like the EVO 4G but running on AT&T, the phone features 16GB internal storage and a 1GHz processor. The model I saw was production-ready and ran Android 2.2.

The most important aspect is Samsung’s Social Hub, a MotoBLUR-esque solution for connecting social networks into your contacts page.

There is no pricing or availability right now but trust me: this is a contender for the next big Android smartphone. Samsung is also probably the first manufacturer to get the same phone – albeit in different configurations – to four US carriers at once, no mean feat.

Impressions from our cursory glance:

  • As we’ve come to expect from Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, the screen is so, so bright. Maybe it was the dark environment of the room we were handling it in, but this thing was blindingly bright.
  • Again, this model was running Android 2.2. AT&T’s initial press release said it’d be toting 2.1, so this was a surprise. Hopefully this holds true with the production units. Update: We spoke to someone in the know, and it looks like 2.2 might be unique to this test unit. The production devices are still expected to launch with 2.1