Odds are Apple will sell *a lot* of iPhone 4s today

The odds that John Biggs will take home an iPhone 4 today? I think you’ll find that France has a better chance of winning the World Cup this year. The odds that Apple will sell more than 1 million iPhone 4s today? Well, according to Bookmaker.com, you’re looking at 50/50. Presumably these odds that into account that fact that the Apple hardware isn’t as robust as you’d like to see!

The full odds are as follows:

•Between 200,000-750,000 sold +130 42.2%

•Between 750,001-999,999 sold -130 57.8%

•1 million or more sold EV 50 percent

Basically, it’s a safer bet that Apple will sell iPhone 4s on the upper end of the spectrum.

Why you’d wait on line in the 80+ degree heat for something that you’ll be able to pick up next week in no time at all, I have no idea.