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Opera strikes a deal with MegaFon for Russian expansion

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Opera Software has struck a deal with Russia’s federal mobile operator OJSC MegaFon under which MegaFon’s special package “Unlimited Internet with Opera Mini” will be distributed to all Russian territories.

That may not sound like much at first glance, but you have to consider that MegaFon boasts over 53 million mobile subscribers, spanning all seven Federal Districts of Russia.

Furthermore, MegaFon serves some 39 percent of all mobile Web traffic in Russian territories, according to recent research (it was first in Russia to run a 3G network based on UMTS). The operator says internal statistics have shown that Opera Mini subscribers effectively generate twice the traffic than any other MegaFon user.

In September 2009, MegaFon had already gone to bed with the Norwegian software maker, choosing Opera Mini as the means to provide unlimited mobile Web access in the Moscow region for 7 rubles (roughly 0.18 EUR / 0.15 GPB) per day. Users apparently loved it, persuading the carrier to provide this package in all Russian regions in their coverage area, starting with Ural and Siberia.

The remaining regions will gain access as from this month, which Opera hopes will cause a spike in new users and enable it to strengthen its foothold in Russia.

Opera says Opera Mini remains the most popular browser for handsets in Russia, with the highest market share, although the company declined to provide detailed statistics.

  • Nicholas Lord

    Why bother with a mini when the maxi does not work. Opera 10.53 does not work. It crashes… clicks on links takes you to your home page.. if you ask for support they ignore you… tried for a year to get Opera to work… just gave up in the end and decided that the issue needed to be Chromed.

    • http://www.twitter.com/aleksaas/ Aleksander Aas

      Hi Nicholas!

      This might be a bit off-topic for the Megafon article, but anyhow..

      I work for Opera. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with our browser. We never ignore any support requests. To check this out I need a bit more information. Where did you contact us? What OS are you on? What links takes you to your homepage in Opera?

      Contact me personally through our community site My Opera ( http://my.opera.com – My username is Aleksander) or through Twitter and we can have a look at this issues together.

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    opera mini is one of the best mobile browsers and a good move though to expand into russia

  • Silverio

    It was just me or anybody read MeganFox in the headline?

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    was hoping for some similair commercials as Google made e.g. including a hot Megan Fox

    I should get glasses…

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