Video: Meet Myon, Germany's latest humanoid robot

Germany has churned out the one or the other humanoid in recent months, but Myon might actually be the coolest deutsche robot out there. The little guy stands 125cm tall and weighs 15kg. He was designed by Cologne-based design studio frackenpohl poulheim [GER] and developed at Berlin’s Humboldt University as part of the European ALEAR (Artificial Language Evolution on Autonomous Robots) research project.

Myon boasts a wide array of features: 48 joints, six independent (modular) body parts, 35 torsional springs for biological movements, and a whopping 192 sensors. His skin is made of a transparent top layer of Bayer makrolon and a layer of glass fiber-stabilized polycarbonate, protecting Myon in case he topples over.

The special skin and the modular design make it possible for Myon to keep working even if one of his body parts is damaged for whatever reason. His makers say Myon is designed in a way that people see him as the robotic version of an eight year-old boy.

The video embedded below isn’t that convincing (yet) though:

Via Plastic Pals via Design Boom via Robot Shop