Video: Hands-on with the Motorola Droid 2

Droid vs Droid 2
You love Motorola, don’t you? You’ve been rockin’ each of their models before even the RAZR was cool. So you’ve no doubt been excited by the upcoming sequel to the brought-moto-back-from-fiery-doom Droid: the Droid 2.

Yes, the Droid 2, not X. I know it’s getting a litle confusing remembering which Droid is which, but let me remind you: the Droid 2 has a physical QWERTY, the X doesn’t.

But anyway, Android and Me have posted the world’s first* hands-on video with the device, as well as run the device through a few benchmarks.

And what did they find?

Physically, it’s pretty similar to the previous Droid (which, given Motorola’s endless iterations of the RAZR line, isn’t really surprising): they’ve switched out the gold directional pad in favour of arrow keys (awarding them a star for aesthetics), made the black body more of a dark blue, and have coloured the front bezel silver, but not much beyond that.

On the inside, though, is where they’ve made the important changes: the Droid 2 is now packin’ the gigahertzes (a 1GHz TI OMAP3630, to be precise), and — this may come as a surprise — benchmarks show a marked performance improvement over the original 550 MHz TI OMAP3430. The Droid 2 also packs 512MB RAM (that’s double the original’s), and the same PowerVR SGX530 GPU.

But yes, enough of me. If you’re the graph-lovin’ type, check out Android and Me to get the full skinny on the benchmarks, otherwise, peep the video I’ve embedded for you, below.

*May not actually be the world’s first.

EDIT: Video was marked ad private after I posted it.
Here it is from a different account: