Finance Sites Turn To StockTwits For Curated Stock Tweets

Both CNN Money and MarketWatch have added curated stock and finance tweets to their sites. But they aren’t just showing unfiltered tweets based on a query or hash tag – instead they’ve turned to StockTwits, presumably for more relevant data.

Messages only show up on StockTwits if you add a “$” before a stock symbol, and the company also carefully moderates messages and blocks users who tend to spam. The result is a fairly clear, mess-free stream of rumors and trade information that some obsessed trader types may somehow find useful. At the very least it’s entertaining to read things like “@bradybrown Dammit… I go to a meeting and $AAPL falls off a cliff!!! WTH???”

CNN has added a StockTwits widget to each stock summary page (example). MarketWatch is using the StockTwits trending tickers widget, which shows hot stocks (as in, what everyone’s talking about, not necessarily what’s moving up or down in price).