Twitter 'OAuthcalypse' Moved To August Thanks To The World Cup

According to a note posted to developers, Twitter is moving the oAuth switchover date to August, thanks to recent downtime and overload caused by the World Cup in South Africa.

Twitter Platform Team leader Raffi Krikorian writes:

We want to make sure that you all have calm waters to test your new codebases where you’re not dealing with whales, robots, and whatnot. with the world cup ending on july 11th, you will all have over a month’s time of calm waters and site stability to finish the switch over. also, with the vast majority of media providers already switched over to OAuth Echo, you now also have an additional month of time to work out your integrations with them.

Twitter developers were supposed to move over to OAuth by June 30. Twitter notified developers that it would be moving to oAuth and shutting off basic authorization. All third-party developers are need to to make the switch over to oAuth, as they won’t be able to use basic authentication, which allows users to hand over their username and password to a third party. oAuth is considered to be more secure because it allows you to connect to a third-party app without having to give out your password and username. As you can see the countdown to the oAuthcalypse has also been updated.

Twitter has been facing increased downtime over the past week thanks to increased usage of the network because of record usage numbers with the World Cup.