AT&T announces the Samsung Captivate, their version of the Galaxy S Android superphone

Remember a few months back, we used our super-Internet-sleuthing abilities to break the news that AT&T would eventually be getting a Android handset that was oh-so-similar to the just announced Samsung Galaxy S?

Say hello to the phone in question, now known as the Samsung Captivate.

They’ve overhauled the body pretty significantly (oddly, making it look vaguely like a BlackBerry Storm), but the guts are all there. 4″ AMOLED screen? Check. 5 MP Camera? Check. 1GHZ CPU, Swype, and 16GB of onboard memory? If you assumed I was going to say “Check, check, and check!”.. well, you’re right. Check. Check. Aaaaaaaand check.

Alas, AT&T’s not exactly being forward with the shipping details. They’re presumably not going to ship this anytime in June, given that they’ve got that other thing to worry about for the next few weeks — but as soon as we hear a date, we’ll let you know.

(Side note to AT&T: If you inexplicably cripple this one like you did with the Backflip and the Aria, I will sing songs of my disappointment from the tallest mountain. That, or I’ll write a really angry blog post about it on the Internet and call it a day.)