Play Xbox Live from Atop a Mountain with the help of the Droid Incredible

An experiment involving the HTC Droid Incredible’s internet tethered to an Xbox 360 has successfully shown you can kill alien avatars of children playing Halo in their basement from across the world – on top of a bridge – over the Missouri River. Alex Kuklinski explains further:

How it works: The actual Pod is built from a standard storage rack which consists of a top & bottom rack with 4 legs. On each corner, I took twine, and connected the top rack with the bottom. This prevented the bottom rack from falling out when we lifted it up. On the bottom rack, I have my APC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which powers everything on the Pod via it’s built-in battery which is charged prior to the trip. (It can also be charged in the car via a power inverter plugged into a standard cigarette lighter in the car.) Also on the bottom rack is the Xbox 360, 13″ MacBook Pro, (Which is running Windows 7 Ultimate) and the Bose Companion 3 Subwoofer. On the top rack, there is a 19″ 720p Samsung HDTV, my HTC Droid Incredible, and 2 satellite speakers (which are connected to the sub below)

How it really works…:
My Xbox 360 is connected, via ethernet cable, to my 13″ MacBook Pro which is running Windows 7 Ultimate. The computer is connected, via USB, to my HTC Droid Incredible. The Incredible provides internet to the computer via the PDAnet application. The computer then bridges the connection it’s receiving from the phone with the Xbox 360. (Phone –) Computer –) Xbox 360) This allows the Xbox to connect to Xbox Live anywhere the phone has a data connection. I built this Pod so I can bring everything with me. It’s portable, so I can basically play Xbox Live, anywhere. Everything is powered via the UPS, and that can be recharged in the car while in transit. So really, this is the 100% Mobile Xbox Live Experience.

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