Video gallery: Chiba Institute Of Technology's awesome robots

Like many Japanese institutions of higher education, the Chiba Institute Of Technology boasts a faculty or laboratory, which conducts research on nothing but robots. This particular institute’s Department of Advanced Robotics [JP] has been pretty much flying under the radar in recent years, but the department opened a very interesting YouTube channel recently.

And some of the robots the researchers in Chiba (just outside Tokyo) have manufactured so far are pretty impressive. Here are four of them.

Butterfly robot
This video shows a butterfly robot starting to fly:

Here it is up and close:

High-speed robot
This video shows a robot jumping over several stairs (which are 20cm high each). The clip is shot at 200fps.

It also can go downstairs (video shot at 1,000 fps):

The HYPERION 4 is a four-legged robot that’s supposed to transport humans through uneven, dangerous areas one day.

Much like with HYPERION 4, the idea here is to create a robot that can be used in difficult circumstances.