The CHOBI CAM WP is a cute, waterproof, and (very) small camera

It’s cute, it’s as small as an eraser, it’s light, and it’s waterproof: Tokyo-based accessory maker Japan Trust Technology is offering the CHOBi CAM WP, a digital camera that’s actually not waterproof by itself but comes with a special case that makes it possible to take it up to 20m underwater without any problems (IP68).

Spec-wise, buyers get a rather basic camera. It takes pictures in 1,280 x 960 resolution and shoots video in VGA quality (680 x 480/AVI motion JPEG) at 30fps. The CHOBi CAM WP comes with a mono mic, a microSD/SDHC slot (16GB max), and a USB 2.0 port.

Case included, the device is sized at just 5.2cm×6cm×3.9cm and weighs 40g (it’s 17g lighter without the case). It’s available in black or silver.

Both the Japan Trend Shop and Geek Stuff 4 U are offering the CHOBi CAM WP to people living outside Japan for a little over $200 plus shipping (you can see the extras it comes with in the picture above).