launches as a fashion game changer

Garmz, a fashion startup that just launched in public beta after months of preparation, aims to change how fashion is being produced and distributed from the ground up.

Besides having a nicely designed User interface, the startup wants to disrupt current models of the fashion industry. Young aspiring fashion designers mostly lack adequate outlets for their work and creativity. As in every other real-life commerce business, one ought to have pre-sales distribution contracts and a certain, and mostly not a viable, number of purchasers (be it customers or shops).

Initial financing for fashion designs is almost an unbearable task for them. They either outsource their production to Asian or Eastern European countries, whereas they have to purchase +100 items per order for having those producers actually take their orders.

This is where garmz steps in.

Fashion designers can submit their designs based upon some sort of “Designer Manual“. Their work will then be displayed publicly on and via crowdsourcing (voting) it’s decided which pieces are then actually produced.

Garmz then not only have the pieces produced, but fashion designers can also set their own selling price, margins and cuts per sale – a very open and transparent model. Producing the items is done in Eastern Europe, where their founders claim to “have customary standards, comparable to well-known brands’ quality”.

At the current stage many of those elements have yet to be implemented, yet the founders are pursuing an iterative process of rolling out features one after one, perhaps a wise approach when looking at the complexity of what they are trying to achieve. Similar companies such as USTrendy tend to act as their own label, instead of a simply being the marketing, distribution and production company in the background – the provider basically.

The startup simultaneously closed their first round of Angel funding in the low six figures range, Co-founder Andreas Klinger told me.