Cristiano Ronaldo re-launches online presence in time for big game tomorrow: Facebook, YouTube, and more!

The eyes of the world will be looking upon Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo tomorrow as he attempts to single-handedly take his country past the opening round of the World Cup. (Will Didier Drogba have anything to say about that? We’ll see!) Just in time for Cristiano’s moment in the sun: the launch of his official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and the re-launch of! That’s right: while Mr. Real Madrid is on the field in South Africa trying to break down the Côte d’Ivoire defense, you can send him kind words of encouragement via the magic of the Internet and social networks.

Cristiano wants you, yes you, to submit to his new and improved Facebook page photos and videos and any little piece of media encouragement you can muster. He (well, his team, presumably) will then put all of this on his own site. (Right now it merely points to his Facebook page.)

Being that I’m currently in Los Angeles for E3, this means that I have to wake up at 6am just to see the game against Côte d’Ivoire tomorrow. The things you do…