Media General To Sell Yahoo Display Advertising At TV Stations

Media General this morning announced that it plans to extend part of its Yahoo advertising sales partnership to all of its network-affiliated television stations by the end of 2010, thus self-reportedly becoming the first member of the Yahoo Newspaper Consortium to do so.

The move comes after completion of a pilot program in four of Media General’s television markets.

Media General said it will expand the program to eight additional television stations later this month and will continue in the four pilot markets: Birmingham, Ala., Columbus, Ohio, Mobile, Ala. and Greenville/Spartanburg and S.C./Ashville, N.C.

Media General has been selling Yahoo Display advertising in five markets, including newspapers and TV stations, since 2007. The company says it generated $7 million in Yahoo revenues at its newspapers in 2009, and that it estimates that amount will grow to approximately $10 million this year.

The sale of Yahoo! Display advertising by the company’s television stations is expected to increase Media General’s total Yahoo! Display revenues by approximately 50 percent on an annualized basis.

(Via press release)