Droid Xtreme (or X, or Shadow, or whatever it's called) caught on camera yet again.

Man – is Motorola just giving out new, unannounced handsets to everyone they see carrying a camera? Between the Droid Xtreme, and the Droid 2, the number of leaks is starting to get silly.

With that said, keep’em coming! Today’s latest batch of leaked goods comes in the form of gloriously sharp shots of the Droid 2’s keyboard-less brother, the Droid Xtreme.

These shots, first obtained by the folks over at Gadget University, also came with a handful of specs. If it all rings true, the Droid Xtreme ought to come packing a 4.3″ screen, HDMI Out, Android 2.1, a brand spankin’ new version of Motoblur, and a 750Mhz OMAP processor — and as the pictures so blatantly proclaim, this one’s headed for Verizon.

So, Android fans: here we are, halfway through the year — who owns your heart right now? Droid Xtreme? Droid 2? Evo 4G? Let us know in the comments below.