Microsoft Europe tweet mocks Google's copy-cat background image feature

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Microsoft Europe’s communication team has used its Twitter account to make fun of Google’s latest search page feature: the ability to add background images to said page, a feature that has characterized Microsoft’s Bing search service since its debut.

Google yesterday temporarily added a default background image to make more people aware of the new feature, which apparently prompted Microsoft Europe to tweet: “We’ve lost a background image, if found please return to ;)”.

Clearly tongue in cheek, but who are we not to spread the fun a bit more, then?

It’s getting a heck of a lot of retweets, too.

Hasn’t been giving the ability to add themes to the search engine for much longer than both Google and Bing, though?

Update: the Telegraph found more tweets:

– Ashley Highfield, MD Microsoft UK Consumer & Online via @ashleyhi: “Imitation (however pale) is the sincerest form of flattery: a certain search engine put up the same pic (tulip fields) used on Bing long ago”

– Peter Bale, Executive Producer of MSN UK via @peterbale: “How intriguing to see friends at Google borrowing the Bing homepage #photography idea.”

  • K

    “Hasn’t been giving the ability to add themes to the search engine for much longer than both Google and Bing, though?”

    That is what I was thinking as I read the title of the article. (:

    • Pragmatic

      Typical of M$ BS, copy what others do, call it their own and mock the rest. This company is doomed to fail without Bill Gates(a true leader).

      • Ali B

        They are specifically referring to the picture used, rather than the idea of using pictures. Google used the exact same photo as bing used on their homepage.

      • Jeff

        Are you a moron?

    • jen

      That’s normal to hear coming from EU, to think that they have a long grudge with Google ever before.

    • Michael

      Nothing wrong with a little bit of humor.

  • Ashutosh
  • Anonymous

    […] […]

  • Charles de Galle

    Robin. Why don’t you buy a one way ticket to the mainland and investigate this breaking story personally?

    • Robin Wauters

      But I am on the mainland. Why would I need to buy a ticket? I’m CONFUSED NOW.

  • http:/ Amar Ravikumar

    Couldn’t you have just retweeted that tweet?

    • Robin Wauters

      Or they can retweet the tweet with a link to this post. Meta, baby.

  • Steve C

    In fairness to Microsoft at least the Bing background is semi-educational and interesting. The Google background is just rubbish. It’s too big, too bright and I can’t turn it off.

    What were Google thinking?

  • Vishal Sanjay

    Exactly Ask was the first to do this and even Dog pile did this before Bing and Google, but they never boasted like this. Maybe Microsoft is trying to take advantage of the smallest things to gain back their reputation.

  • miner

    Come on guys, Google didn’t do this in response to Dogpile or Ask. This is a response to Bing. Whether you think it matters or not is a different question.

  • Rich

    I like google’s implementation! I can change the background with my own photos or change it back to white if I want. It’s easy to do. I can’t find a setting on bing to do that??? maybe i’m missing something . . . .

  • John D.

    I hate it! Could not turn it off.

    Added removed from noscript’s white list this works at least for now back to the old screen

    • Rich

      You can change it back to white by selecting “change background image” . . selecting “Editor’s Pick” . . scroll down to “white” . . .Google is only doing this for a day for an artist promotion.

    • Pubby

      Agreed with you, Yesterday when i checked out Google the background image was a total crap.
      Period Bing’s implementation is better than Google.

      Google these days hiring people to just copy features from other companies and their leader(Eric Schmidt) is their role model.

      It starts from the top, Eric Schmidt this Faggot was stealing all iPhone ideas from Apple and no wonder Apple got pissed off and asked him to F*** Off from Apple. Now with no better work he is leading the effort of stealing and copying

  • Brad Marshall

    google should reply: “we’ve lost a somewhat decent algorithm….”

  • Dan

    I liked Google’s simple clear window. I can’t stand the background images they’re now displaying.

    Please take it off!!

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  • Jon had backgrounds way before Microsoft’s search effort was even an idea.

  • Membery

    Ahem, anyone in the business world will tell you that
    when the competition comes up with a good idea that you copy it and improve on it. To do otherwise is stupid and stubborn. Google is acknowledging the good idea that it is. Although I prefer no image – and that’s what I set it to.

  • Sanjay

    I liked the background image concept. i can replace the default image with one of my own images.

    dont care who’s idea it is

  • Custom Software Development

    I can’t able to believe this one.

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  • S

    No one cares. Google has better search results than Bing.

    • sherm

      didn’t microsoft copy google by going into search in the 1st place?

      • Paul

        i still use Archie

      • popster

        sherm> isnt google copying MS&apple by going into the OS business..just a thought.

    • sherm

      didn’t microsoft copy google by going into search in the 1st place

      • third

        Relax, people. Clearly, the tweet is just making fun of the situation. I think the smiley at the end of the sentence clears that up.

        When MS copies something, everyone gets mad. But when it’s the other way around, everyone is still mad? Pathetic.

  • splendid

    Replaced the background image with a picture of my toilet…splendid.

  • blamanj

    Google Calendar had background images over a year ago, possibly before Bing even launched.

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  • khanh
  • Sajo

    Guys, be honest, just not hate MS because thats fashionable on internet. Background images may have been used earlier like Ask. But there is no doubt MS brought it to mainstream, making it popular as it is today and Google is at least inspired by Bing’s success.

    If Google would have launched it and MS would have copied it, everyone would have bashed MS, this time Bing definitely does not deserve the bashing.

  • petah

    This coming from a company that prides itself on re-marketing the innovations of others. Has Microsoft ever had an idea of its own?

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