Let's Annotate adds real-time annotation to the iPad – Get invites

Let’s annotate just released their iPad version for real-time collaboration for PDFs. The service is still in alpha and takes full advantage of the iPad’s HTML5 capabilities. The app practially runs within the iPads browser and also let’s you make use of native iPad elements such as multi-touch.

The iPad version was built upon their existing Web application, that comes in three different pricing models depending on the number of collaborators and storage space. It’s also fully built with HTML5 and aims to take out the hassle of sending large junks of PDFs over the web. Sounds familiar? Indeed there are various apps out there, most notably Scribd, Issuu or Google Docs.

Yet neither of these services allow instant collaboration or enable push notifications for annotations with actual PDF files. That’s clearly a USP for Let’s Annotate, a Vienna-based startup, however, it yet needs to prove whether consumers are willed to pay for this feature. Obviously for all this to work users need to upload their documents to the service itself. A rather high entry barrier for a still unknown company – especially since there’s also a lack of upload options, other than a simple web-uploader. This is a hurdle that needs to be tackled and is definitely doable for a developer driven team.

The founders were kind enough to provide TechCrunch readers with a bunch of VIP invite codes for the alpha version of their iPad version.

Click here to see their product in live action and get your invite code.