Astro A30 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker headset coming at ya

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker comes out today in North America, and in 10 days in Europe. (It came out in Japan about two weeks ago.) Famous Japanese video game magazine Famitsu gave it a 40/40, so we can safely assume it’s not bad at all. Also not bad, probably? The Astro A30 gaming headset. Konami helped the Astro team design the headset, dontcha know?

Headsets/headphones are damn near impossible to discuss without actually, you know, using them, so all I know is that A) they reproduce sound and B) if you buy a pair (they retail for $149) they’ll give you a $20 voucher to use to buy the game. That’s not a $20-off coupon, mind you, but the ability to buy the whole game for $20. So that’s neat.

But again, no idea how these sound, but I doubt Konami would slap its name on rubbish.