Spotify competitor WiMP lands on iPhone

Anything you can do we can do too.

WiMP, Norway’s local competitor to Spotify, has released an iPhone app that replicates most of the music streaming service’s features including, crucially, cached playlists for off-line playback. It’s a further sign that Spotify may have defined this type of service but that there is nothing stopping others from offering something similar or duplicating it locally.

WiMP, developed by tech company Aspiro Music and sold through the country’s largest music retail chain Platekompaniet in cooperation with telco Telenor, is already available on Windows, Mac and Android. It costs 99 kroners per month, although new users can try the service for free for 30 days.

Specifically, the iPhone app enables users to:

* Stream millions of songs via 3G or WLAN (3G optional)
* Play albums and playlists offline without access to the internet
* Get always up to date music from WIMP’s catalogue
* Get WiMP’s recommendations and news directly in your application
* Listen to their own playlists
* Access and manage their favourite artists and albums
* Search for artists, songs or albums