Is this the Apple Magic Trackpad? Is WWDC going to be a bust?

Steve just can’t catch a break. It sure seems like the item above is the unannounced Apple Magic Trackpad, which just got an unofficial Internet debut just like the iPhone 4G/HD ahead of Jobs’ WWDC keynote address later today. Apple might as well pack up their massive banners and simply issue press releases like every other CE company. At this rate, there isn’t going to be anything left to announce in Steve Jobs’ traditional “one more thing” fashion.

But how about this Magic Trackpad, eh? It’s somewhat interesting although not surprising coming from the company that’s building-in multitouch gestures and controls into nearly every product lately. Engadget reports that it might even support handwriting recognition, lending to the thought that the surface might be more than simply a trackpad for a computer. Wacom competitor perhaps?

We’ll likely find out later today during the keynote. Unless, of course, more details leak out before hand.