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Fiabee launches iPhone app for sharing cloud-stored files

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In Europe we don’t have too many decent cloud storage competitors to, say, Dropbox or Apple’s MobileMe. And Wuala is busy integrating into hardware devices. But today Fiabee, which runs real-time cloud storage for backing up files, launches a handy new service.

Fiabee for iPhone [iTunes link] allows you to access whatever you’ve backed up onto the service. What is most useful however is that users can share any of their files with someone, without having to download them locally to the iPhone.

Users can chose which folders and files he wants to backup from a PC and from then on all changes or new files within the selected folders are automatically backed-up. Users get 2 gigabytes for free, 5GB by inviting friends or unlimited storage for 5 euros a month. Unfortunately it only works for Windows XP, Vista and 7 for 32 and 64Bit right now but support for other platforms like the Mac are in the pipeline.

Fiabee is building out other versions and looking at offering sync features between other devices. Founder and director is Enrique Borras.

  • Lucia

    Hi Mike,

    I think that you have not tried Memopal yet, I’m inviting you now:

    You can use Memopal on your iPhone and iPad :)

    Please give us your feedback :)

    • Anko

      Hello all,

      If you are a company and want to contract a “cloud” storage system.

      Don´t hesitate to call us. We are specialized in testing online storage systems and we need a lot of gigas to write all the defects we have found.
      And funny enough a lot of bugs are identical in various systems we have tried for comparation!
      Who is copying who..

  • valleymonger

    what a coincidence… Two days ago the Fiabee blog announced that “Marina Zaliznyak joins the Fiabee team”… “Marina is a contributing writer for Techcrunch Europe”.

    AH! this is the real reason why this article is being published! not because a spanish company released a copycat of dropbox or zumodrive. NO, just because Marina is a techcrunch writer…

    i am not surprised… nor disappointed, since i know how these things go (you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours) :-)

    • Mike Butcher

      This is TechCrunch Europe. We write about European companies. Marina didn’t write about it because it would be a conflict of interest. We’re happy with that scenario and the app stands on those merits. BTW she is also not full time on TC Europe, just an occasional blogger.

    • Anko

      I think dropbox is as “original” as all the others.

      Now it just will be the battle who will be the leader!
      Which will be the cheapest, with the best quality and most secure solution.

  • Eric

    a really good specs compilation & break-down of this 4th iphone:

    June 24th… not exactly what i was hoping for. i wanted the 18th!

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  • jimmy choo

    then maybe brave men like the lawyer turned stringer may have hope they might help build their country’s future

    i lovest it .my friend ! thank you very much!

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