Sprint keeps it green, announces the eco-friendly Samsung Restore

EVO 4G? Pah! Why get a 4.3″ inch screen’d, 1 Ghz CPU’d monster of a phone when you can get Sprint’s brand new Samsung Restore? Sure, it might be a bit less ridiculously powerful — but it’s eco-friendly!

Made up of 27% recycled materials and 84% recyclable once you’re done with it, the Restore is Sprint’s second Samsung phone to sport their Eco-Logo badge (with the first one being the Reclaim). Its packaging is 100% recyclable, and the charger is Energy Star Compliant to boot.

We’ve still got our doubts about this whole strategy — but on the upside, it seems Samsung’s at least trying to address some of our complaints. We complained last time about how counterproductive it seemed to ship a “green” phone with a 5 useless pamphlets and a big ol’ paper manual; this time around, they’ve put all those bits online instead.