Google Pays $75 In Gift Checks To Test New Blogger Features On Windows PCs

At least 18 years old? Own a Windows PC? Have 60 minutes to spare?

Google wants you to test usability of its Blogger service on your own computer, and is prepared to give you $75 in American Express gift checks if you participate in a screen sharing session and a phone call with some of their people. Also, you must allow them to record audio or video of said session.

We think you can keep your clothes on, but have been unable to confirm.

On the sign-up page, Google explains that you can register to participate in a usability study and provide feedback on “something that’s currently in development”. It’s unclear what those new developments entail, and participants are required to accept the company’s Usability Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Google only says the study will “help the Blogger team better understand your needs in order to incorporate them into future product enhancements”. It’s anyone’s guess what those are, but considering the fact that they’re specifically asking for users who have computers running Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, we daresay it concerns a desktop client of some sort.