Yelp Stats Show iPhone App Usage Staggeringly Deeper Than Website

Yelp, hot off the news of their Open Table integration, also has some interesting user information that they say they’ll officially announce tomorrow. We’ve got the details.

Yelp says their website had over 32 million unique visitors in May from all sources (Comscore says 11.2 million in April, the most recent month they track, but they do tend to undercount).

Yelp’s iPhone app has had 1.4 million uniques in the last thirty days, they say. That’s a small percentage of total traffic to the service, but the amount of activity and interaction from those users is significantly more than on the normal website:

  • A whopping 27% of all Yelp searches come from that iPhone application.
  • Over half a million calls were made to local businesses directly from the iPhone App, or one in every five seconds.
  • Nearly a million people generated point-to-point directions to a local business from their Yelp iPhone App last month.

Yelp will also be releasing a new version of the iPhone app shortly, their fifth iteration. Users will be able to earn badges to help show off where they are checking in. Says CEO Jeremy Stoppelman: “For example, if a yelper loves to get their nigiri on at sushi restaurants, they can earn the “Sushi Sensei” badge. The Sensei badge is only one of many badges you can unlock — it’s up to our users to figure out how. Once earned, badges can be shared with friends both via the Yelp iPhone app, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.”

So get ready, all you competitive types. It’s no longer enough to just be the mayor of your local cafe on Foursquare. The real men and women want to be the King or Queen of San Francisco on Yelp. Or wherever.