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According to the theory of the Third Disruptive Wave the next phase of innovation will be around mobile platforms, the social graph (particularly Facebook, but it could be any kind) and commerce. So if mobile applications are combined with social and then combined with social/flash ecommerce then in theory you have a killer combination. That at least is the pitch of an interesting new startup which I’ve seen a preview of, called Pleet ( You can sign up for access to the Alpha version here or log in with a Twitter account.

The simplest way to describe Pleet is that it’s a cross between Plancast and Tripit with voucher style offers. Think an “Urban Tripit” for shorter journeys and time spans designed to be a new way to “Plan and Meet” (hence “Pleet”). Initially Pleet plans to launch in the UK and US markets.

So here’s how to Pleet. You punch in what you are going to do and roughly when, ideally in the next few hours, with the option to add roughly where. This is something Pleet calls “near-time planning optimisation”. We’ve all done it before already on Twitter – “In a couple of hours I’ll be in this part of town with friends etc” – but until Pleet that’s not been captured in a data format and then give you the option to ping your social networks. The handy thing about Pleet is that because it’s core is about about planning not check-ins, it won’t need to get involved in the location wars.

Once Pleet knows what time you’ll be at a place, it will be able to offer discounts and vouchers for those locations, like bars and restaurants. This essentially ‘socialising vouchers’ in a way which makes a lot more sense that the hammer of group-buying offers which just spam users with offers with no data about what time, place or frame of mind they’re in.

Pleet is coming from the team behind Diary Labs, headed up by serial UK entrepreneur Keld van Schreven. Diary has been bubbling under for a while but Pleet looks like it’s a sort of reinvention for the startup’s app.

  • Nikolay Kolev

    That’s great, but why should people use one app for near-term and another for a bit longer-term plans? Do you have two calendar apps – one of the current day and another – for the week and the month? In other words, you’re just giving Plancast the idea to add an optional start and end hour, which would pretty much offer what Pleet does plus more.

  • Keld

    Thanks for your comment.

    Pleets are near time, but they can be near time a long way in the future. They reveal useful items around your plan now, tomorrow or next week but its the focus of the immediate activity around that plan. So you dont need two apps.

    Calendar entries won’t have the depth of useful data that Pleet will increasingly have. Soon you will be able to export Pleets to any App/Cal by various protocols.

    • Nikolay Kolev

      I know calendar entries are different, but I gave that as an example as people use one calendar, not two (one for the day and one for the week, month, year, etc).

  • Carole Ziegler

    I have used for 6 months but not I cannot access it. says cannot connect to web server. My diary I guess is lost now. what can I do

    • Kenneth Lee

      Seems to work fine for me.

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