After Facebook, eBuddy Second Mobile App To Reach 50 Million Downloads On GetJar

App Store GetJar announced today that web and mobile messaging service provider eBuddy has surpassed the 50 million downloads mark for its eBuddy Mobile Messenger app. At the time of writing, the product page shows 50,655,934 downloads to date.

eBuddy thus joins the ranks of Facebook as the second mobile app to exceed 50 million downloads on GetJar.

Notably, the milestone was reached less than 15 months after hitting 10m downloads.

GetJar, which dubs itself the ‘Walmart of mobile apps’, says it is currently the second largest app store worldwide, after Apple’s iTunes. It offers more than 65,000 mobile applications across all major handsets and platforms to consumers in more than 200 countries.

The company recently launched a mobile advertising distribution platform that offers developers the opportunity to bid for premium catalogue placement per download in GetJarā€™s store and distribution channels. App developers and publishers can set their own maximum daily budgets, and only pay when consumers successfully download the advertised application.

eBuddy says this pay-per-download solution helped making GetJar its number one external source for downloads, particularly in key countries like India (GetJar’s solution allows developers to geo-target campaigns by country, handset or even carrier), although most of its growth is organic.