AdSafe Reports Rise Of Online Advertising Exchanges, RTB And DSP Platforms

AdSafe Media, which uses algorithmic modeling and human verification to rate the brand safety of content on commercially supported Web pages via a proprietary system, this morning released its Q1 2010 analysis (PDF) of the online display advertising industry.

The report provides an analysis of the key display advertising brand safety metrics and industry insights observed by AdSafe Media throughout the first quarter of the year. One of the key findings: 47% of traffic was served by exchanges, real-time-bidding (RTB) or demand-side (DSP) platforms, a significant increase in the use of these channels from last quarter.

According to AdSafe, premium brand advertisers appear to be shifting a larger percentage of their display adverting spending to exchanges, RTB and DSP platforms because of increased media efficiency and broader reach afforded by these channels.

Just yesterday, we reported that Google reportedly acquired demand-side advertising startup Invite Media, and this morning one of its competitors, LucidMedia, raised $4.5 million in funding. Clearly, there’s some momentum going in this space.

Other key findings cited in the report are:

– 752 was the AdSafe Safety Index for Q1 2010, a metric which trended down from last quarter’s Index of 814, indicating that overall brand safety in the display advertising ecosystem decreased slightly
– 2.89% of inventory was served outside campaign Geo-Targeted specifications
– 86.5% of AdSafe observed inventory was transparent, meaning it was IAB Category I, II or III inventory