100 Invites To Try Microsoft Photo Fuse (And The Rest Of Windows Live Essentials) Early

Yesterday I showed you some of the new features of the new Windows Live Essentials Suite. What I liked best: a nice Animoto-like movie clip creator and a new tool called Photo Fuse that lets you take a bunch of less than perfect pictures and easily create a new picture with the best parts of each. Photo Fuse in particular is something I’d use constantly to create better group photo shots – see the video and examples I included in that post.

The new suite doesn’t launch for a few weeks, but if you’re a Windows user we can get you in on June 16. The first 100 people to email their full name, Windows Live ID and an alternative email address to Wave4VIP@hotmail.com will receive access. Make sure to log in and out of your Windows Live ID before emailing to ensure it’s an active account.