Steve Jobs On Google's Android Betrayal: "My Sex Life Is Pretty Good"

Today at AllThingsD’s D8 conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the guest of honor, where he has taken the stage for an extended interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. One of the topics touched on was Google’s Android, and how Jobs felt about Apple’s long-time partner making products that directly compete with the iPhone and iPad.

In one exchange, Mossberg asked Jobs whether he felt betrayed by Eric Schmidt and Google. Jobs’ non-sequitur response: “My sex life is pretty good”. Obviously it’s a sore subject (or at least one without a good PR-friendly response).

When Mossberg asked about the competition, Jobs noted that it was Google that decided to compete with Apple — Apple didn’t decide it was moving into the search business (he reportedly made similar statements at an internal all-hands meeting earlier this year).

Regarding ChromeOS, Jobs pointed out that Google was building off of the open-source WebKit engine, which Apple created.

Asked if Apple would be removing Google from the iPhone, Jobs responded that it wouldn’t.

Here’s his extended followup response, explaining that Jobs thinks that the market will dictate who wins (and will presumably choose Apple over Google), taken from Engadget’s live notes:

We want to make better products than them. What I love about the marketplace is that we do our products, we tell people about them, and if they like them, we get to come to work tomorrow. It’s not like that in enterprise… the people who make those decisions are sometimes confused….Just because we’re competing with someone doesn’t mean we have to be rude.

Image via Engadget