Kin Studio web app shown off on video

If you read many reviews of the Kin One and Two, you may have noticed that the one feature that was universally praised was the syncing software, Kin Studio.

Today, I understand why that is.

The folks over at Pocket Now have uploaded a video run-through of the main features of the Silverlight-based web app, and, I gotta say, it’s pretty neat.

Up until this point I’d never really considered the benefits of the Sidekick’s/Hiptop’s tendency to store everything in the cloud (I’d only ever really considered it as a form of backup, and look how that turned out…), but having your entire phone’s contents delivered to any PC you sit in front of — for the first time — actually seems a good idea.

The software is web-based, and allows you to login to an Silverlight equipped PC to view, download, or share your photos and videos, read your text/MMS messages, and manage your contacts and RSS feeds. The coolest thing, though, is the presentation of it all: nice. Like, really nice.

But enough from me, take a look for yourself, and gain an appreciation for the Kin Experience.