BodogBrand Bought For About $5.8 Million, Intends To License It

BodogBrand, a venture capital and licensing organization with its head office in the Caribbeans, is the entity that successfully bid for the domain name, the company revealed this morning.

We had earlier reported that the domain name went for $5.5 million in an online auction at Snapnames, but BodogBrand says it paid ‘over GBP4,000,000’, which currently converts to roughly $5.85 million. It’s the largest sum paid for a domain in 2010 and one of the top 10 ever.

Calvin Ayre, founder of the Bodog brand, in a fairly amusing statement said he was bidding millions for the gaming domain name from a bar stool in London’s L’Atelier restaurant, and ultimately won the auction.

Ayre says he considers to be the second best gaming domain in the world, after and way better than “because there are no strong brands in this space”. He adds that will serve to generate global traffic to Bodog branded properties but also to form a number of other targeted websites, including one that will be created by and for the female gambler.

In essence, this means that BodogBrand will license to selected online gaming operators in a fashion similar to the way the Bodog brand itself is currently licensed to gaming operators worldwide.

The company holds the global rights to license the Bodog brand across a variety of sectors, and its mandate is to partner with and/or license the brand to licensees for an array of products and services including online gaming, music, and other entertainment properties.