Brits queue round the block for the iPad at Apple's main London store

The UK has been gripped by the launch of the iPad if the Twitpics are to be believed. As you can see from the below ( thanks jasonlan and joanikin) there was a large crowd queuing outside Apple’s flagship London store on Regent’s Street, in a line which literally snaked around the corner into Hanover Square. Believe me, that is a long line.

Some estimates have put the crowd at around 500 people outside, waiting to grab the iPad.

It’s also unusual to see Police acting as crowd control. The BBC is reporting that every time a new iPad owner emerges they get a big cheer from the crowd. The usual Apple product launch stuff, clearly.

The UK press has been mixed about the iPad so it will be interesting to see how many of the devices actually sell. Some have suggested that £425 for a “touch netbook” in the middle of a recession won’t wash with the Brits. But going on this reaction alone it’s clear the iPad launch is going to be significant.

Original pictures, here and here.