Brits queue round the block for the iPad at Apple's main London store

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The UK has been gripped by the launch of the iPad if the Twitpics are to be believed. As you can see from the below ( thanks jasonlan and joanikin) there was a large crowd queuing outside Apple’s flagship London store on Regent’s Street, in a line which literally snaked around the corner into Hanover Square. Believe me, that is a long line.

Some estimates have put the crowd at around 500 people outside, waiting to grab the iPad.

It’s also unusual to see Police acting as crowd control. The BBC is reporting that every time a new iPad owner emerges they get a big cheer from the crowd. The usual Apple product launch stuff, clearly.

The UK press has been mixed about the iPad so it will be interesting to see how many of the devices actually sell. Some have suggested that £425 for a “touch netbook” in the middle of a recession won’t wash with the Brits. But going on this reaction alone it’s clear the iPad launch is going to be significant.

Original pictures, here and here.

  • tina

    same in munich


    Article is in german, video is without “language” ;)

    • Tom

      Why is there a Lego block where the video should be on my iPad?

      • tina

        maybe you choosed the lego instead of the flash-edition. Check the invisible printed Handbook in the box for more informations.

      • Patch

        or maybe listen with the invisible headphones, or clean the screen with the invisible wipe that is included.

      • sel

        Some people really treat apple devices as godly and supernatural.. And there you have it, the proof!

        I wonder what will be the reaction of these iPad Smashing dudes, then?

    • Dieter

      That was a sausage fest. I think I saw Dieter from the Sprockets among the Apple employees.

    • Rombo

      The question is how long before all of the retail Apple stores are sold out?

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  • Jules Morgan

    I’m sure if you look really closely they look a lot like those people in the 1984 ad.

    • JohnnyW


    • It's really sad...

      …how people have become stupid sheep.

  • Justin

    In reponse to the article I would say that the UK media/press have been gushing over the iPad.

    And yes it will sell very well, everyone I know wants one or has got one.

  • eloi

    “In reponse to the article I would say that the UK media/press have been gushing over the iPad.”

    That’s because traditional press is hoping on the ipad to save their failing business models

  • Neil

    Decent sized queue at their Glasgow store too:

  • John

    The UK press are idiots though.

    • lala

      Way to generalize!

    • JohnnyW

      The US press is awesome!

  • Wes_one

    I dont think iPad is going to be very very good but I may give it a try.

    Also please take minute or two and visit my blog:
    [edited out]

    • Tom


    • dev

      f off !!! this is aint the place to advertise ur blog u a-hole!!!!

    • Shane

      Just stop with “I don’t think.” and you’d have covered your point perfectly. Since you clearly haven’t held one in your hands and actually used it — my point stands about the ‘not thinking’. Haters beware — the iPad rocks and will only become more and more compelling as more apps. become available and publishers become more aware of how we’re actually using and engaging content on the iPad. Haters = ill/un informed losers.

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  • Stefing

    Queues at that one store, where the press are, yes – at other stores? No.
    How smart are these idiots
    a) for wanting one
    b) for not ordering it online?

    Also: ugly ;)

  • JohnnyW

    As Fake Steve Jobs put it:

    “Some pundits have posed the question: Why do anyone need this thing? Indeed, even those of you are lining up and standing outside stores may be wondering, Why am I doing this? Why am I lining up like a zombie for an expensive piece of consumer electronics, a product for which there is no shortage and which, let’s face it, nobody really needs? Back in the early days of our design process, Jonny Ive came in to see me and we spent a long time trying to decide where on Mazlow’s triangle this product would sit. Because we knew if we couldn’t be way up above the very top of that pyramid, floating above it, totally outside the needs it describes, then this wouldn’t be a product we wanted to make. Some of our early iterations, in fact, had to be tossed out because when we looked at them we realized that parts of them were too, well, necessary. Don’t get me wrong. That’s fine for other companies. It’s just not what we do here at Apple.

    But let’s get back to you people who are waiting in line. I mean it’s not like you’re in Bolivia and there’s just been an earthquake and you need to line up to get food and clean water. It’s not like you’ve time-traveled back into the Depression and you’re waiting in line at a soup kitchen. And yet, in fact, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Spiritually speaking, we are living in the Great Depression, and you are waiting in line for sustenance. We, all of us, are experiencing the world that Deleuze and Guattari described so presciently in Capitalism and Schizophrenia. If you haven’t read this incredibly important two-volume work, I highly recommend that wait for us to make both volumes available on our iBooks store and then order them right away. The cool thing is that then, as you’re reading, you will have the strange and circular experience of discovering why you bought the iPad in the first place.

    The truth is, this is all about spiritual emptiness. That is why you’re standing in line. Except for Scoble, who is an attention whore and just doing it to get attention.”

  • Kroy McKroy

    What a bunch of pretentious wits. I’m just glad that Blendtec have already stuck the oversized ipod touch trough the only test that matters for brand-blind middle classes of EU.

  • David1984

    hmm, lets see what iPad does in the English market. They are directly looking to compete with Netbooks but are priced quite high

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  • rob


  • The Phazer

    Not sure this is evidence of anything. That queue is literally not even a fifth of the size of queue outside of that store when the 2G iPhone was originally launched (and the iPhone was available from dozens of nearly O2 outlets too…).

    The 2G iPhone had lots of queues at launch, but didn’t actually do brilliantly sales wise – it was far too expensive and fell flat in the UK market. It was the much (much) cheaper subsidised 3G that shifted units a year later (also, again, to *much* longer queues than that).

    Not sure how you can see that level of queue as anything else but a bit concerning for Apple in reality. Early adopters /= the market. The question will be how many Apple sell six months from now. If they’re still bombing out then Apple has indeed got a hit. If they’re not shifting at all at that time (as happened to the 2G iPhone) then things have gone badly.

  • c0sm0

    OK, you must be too sad to queue for that.

  • William Palmer

    Wow 500 people queuing in a city of 6 million, what a success story.

    • Charlie Tanner

      Not to mention the fact that it’s pretty much the only place in London and the majority of countries surrounding it without pre-ordering it.

  • Simon Dixon

    The Muppets should have gone to PC world, there about 30 stores in london with iPads and no queue…..

  • http://none Aamir Ali

    If a person already has a PC and a smartphone, what on earth is the point of the iPad ? Apple continue to sell machines based more on fashion and styling than usefulness.

    • karl

      “If a person already has a PC and a smartphone, what on earth is the point of the iPad ? Apple continue to sell machines based more on fashion and styling than usefulness.”

      If you don’t see the usefulness for this device you have lack of imagination, sorry. I am sure once PCSlate comes out, you will be posting that that device is the best thing ever created..(even though it will be the same as ipad)…

  • Churba

    What makes this hilarious to me is that, I live in a city about 5 hours north of London, Leeds.

    I was in town two days ago, and I pass by a Second-hand gadget store, and what do I see?

    At least two of every hard-drive size of iPad that Apple has released so far, Both wi-fi and 3G.

    Walk by another gadget shop 30 minutes later – same deal.

    • Neo

      “What makes this hilarious to me is that, I live in a city about 5 hours north of London, Leeds.”

      You’re right, that is hilarious.

      • tina


  • chuck

    Special announcement to our UK friends…(clears throat).

    “It’s not really magical”

    Thank you.

  • rbj

    As a reddit user pointed out: there was an electronics store right next door that had no line. These are people who use the Apple brand to reinforce their self worth.

    • rbj

      *next door with iPads in stock, that is.

  • cynical investor

    “Some have suggested that £425 for a “touch netbook” in the middle of a recession won’t wash with the Brits.”

    Then I was making the assumption* that RIM will be less affected by recession in comparison with Apple. The opposite has been true.

    It seems that consumers have been saying:
    “I have lost my job, let’s buy an iPhone !”
    “Maybe I’ll lose my job, let’s buy an iPhone as long as I can afford it !”
    “I can’t afford the mortgage payments. I’ll lose the house for sure so I might as well buy an iPad rather than make the monthly payment !”

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  • Alias Cummins

    I got forcibly ejected from the Apple store today for filming inside…

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