Where are London's Foursquare check-in hotspots?

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Where is everyone checking in to Foursquare in London? Ok, there’s admittedly an app for that. But here’s a very interesting infographic instead (hat tip via alextroll). Click on the graphic for a bigger image. Thanks to Advertisingaphasia.

  • James Franklin

    I would love to see a Gowalla version of this.

  • Karan Variava

    Hey ,,

    good post bro…


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  • http://advertisingaphasia.blogspot.com DuBose Cole

    @James I was thinking of making a Gowalla one with data later on, but the numbers are actually smaller than this.

    I kinda hope when you guys post something like this, you would attribute the author, but its quite cool to see my infographic on tech crunch

  • http://twitter.com/iboy George Nimeh

    Amazingly light usage, actually.

  • http://www.tanbisnis.com Irvan Ferdiawan

    Wish Indonesia have one like this

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