Galaxy S available in Asia come June, Froyo comes later

Do you like your screens crisp, but your phones a little less wavey? Do you like teh Gigahertzes, but are fearful of dragons?

Well, I’m happy that you’re so sure of yourself, but I’m even happier that the Galaxy S ticks all of your boxes AND will be released sometime in June!

But calm down a sec, mmmkay? There is something more I need to tell you. First of all, the June release is for Asia only at this point.

Second of all, the price won’t be cheap: 1098 Singaporean dollars, to be exact (which is about 780 US dollars). Steep, considering a very similar HTC Desire runs for S$898, but reasonable, considering this is the only Android phone with a Super AMOLED screen.

Also, while a date hasn’t yet been announced, do have the device up for pre-order for a very similar €649 (790 US dollars), so all you eager Europeans will be able to join the party soon, too.

All this comes on top of the news from CNET that the device will receive that tastiest of Android desserts, Froyo, sometime in the near future.

Great news all ’round, really.

[via Engadget]