Wins The TechCrunch Rookie Disruptor Award

Raymie Stata, Chief Architect at Yahoo, just handed an award he himself decided to dub the TechCrunch Rookie Disruptor Award to an amazing startup that didn’t make it to the finals.

Taking home the award is – the picture above shows founder Carter Cleveland.

From our review (also check out the video of their presentation):

The new social site is “the place to discover and share original fine art online.” Okay, it’s easy to say that. But’s approach is to make it easy to discover this art through searching. Their custom search engine allows you to find art by period/style, the portion of their career that the artist is in, or the regular stuff like size, color, and, of course, price.

They’ll also recommend new art to you based on preferences from your social graph. And there’s a Facebook application to leverage the largest social graph. Plus they believe the domain will be key for sharing art on Twitter. They also hint that an iPad app is coming.