You Vote, We Go: Startup Alley Twitter Challenge

If you’re watching our livestream of Techcrunch Disrupt, you’re getting every minute of every keynote, panel and Startup Battlefield presentation, but you’re missing out on the dozens of companies in Startup Alley. We’re trying to fix that. Yesterday, we did a quick tour of the Alley during lunch, for day 2 we plan to do the same but take it up a notch. Instead of a random path, we would like you guys to tell us where to go– we’ll be livestreaming this at 1pm. Vote in the comments or send a tweet to @EvelynRusli, and we’ll go to the startups with the most votes. If you want me to ask a specific question, include that as well. List of today’s Startup Alley companies (with company provided descriptions):

Assistly– Enterprise-class customer support made smarter, easier and more affordable.

Aviga Systems Inc.– Aviga provides a cloud-based, white-label service for media companies and content aggregators that adds the Aviga voice-activated table of contents to their mobile applications running on broadband-connected mobile devices which enables their users to just ask for what they want.

BetterMe– BetterMe provides an anonymous, private way to give constructive feedback.

Burning Sky Software– Sky’s ThingWorx™ platform extends the social graph to devices and services, accelerating the development of “internet of things” applications.

byMK Fashion Social Network– byMK is the biggest Fashion Social Network in Brazil that allows users to make compositions using fashion items available from the Internet and from offline stores – items that users can actually buy – in a very interactive and vibrant way

Cubicl Inc.– Cubicl is a new social media platform where people can create and participate in real-time, interest-based conversations.

Delfigo Security– Delfigo Security is the developer of DSGatewayTM, a strong authentication platform that utilizes multiple authentication factors, including keystroke and machine identification, to assign each user a Confidence Factor (CF) and transparently provide the appropriate level of system access.

eEvent– eEvent is a mobile application that enables users to quickly search, locate, check-in and broadcast events in real-time while giving event organizers mobile access to create, manage and promote their events.

eVenues– eVenues introduces the first public marketplace for unique spaces. We help market and promote your space on the web, manage the bookings, and pay you!

FareShare Inc.– Fare/Share is a mobile app that helps New Yorkers share taxis on the go. It features one-click ride requests, fare calculations, identification by photo or apparel, Paypal integration and a feedback system. Socialize your ride!

Favit– FAVIT, a European tech company, is pioneering a powerful and innovative content streamer that allows users to receive all their relevant content on one place in the web, to collaborate on its curation and interact with it across multiple networks.– People want to give feedback that is honest and constructive. Businesses want to hear what consumers have to say. is the place to share and solicit feedback and take control your online reputation. is an Idealab company.

Feedtrace– Feedtrace provides filters for real time streams. Our filters perform ranking of shared links based on attributes like time, popularity, categories, domains, languages and social graphs. We will be launching two products: instantPulp, which is destination site to enjoy real time celebrity gossip, and Buzztrace, which provides real time analytics for shared links (a Compete for passed links).

Firefly– Firefly is a photo check-in service for Twitter.

Get Smart Content– Smart Content is a web service that enables website publishers to easily serve content that is targeted to their individual site visitors by location based audience segments.

GOSO– An automotive social media management system with a complete suite of tools for car dealers to manage their brand reputation.– HelloExpert provides free & personalized expert help, anytime anywhere!

Hivetrader– Hivetrader is a free social trading platform that helps you discover, connect, and trade with the world’s best stock and options traders. Our service combines web based trading with social networking, messaging, and news to maximize returns for traders worldwide. INC– links home buyers and sellers, guiding each party to the goal of a complete sales transaction………absolutely free. Who needs Realtor? You’ve got the internet.

homingCloud– homingCloud is a real estate social networking site where home buyers, sellers, landlords and renters search for one another, view suggested matches and connect privately, directly and onsite, for free, without brokers.

i.TV– At i.TV we are not content with just being the top TV and movie app for the iPhone. This summer i.TV will reinvent how people watch television and engage with their favorite TV shows, celebrities, advertisers and other viewers.

iCoolhunt- iCoolhunt is the first location based social networking game for coolhunters. An addictive social game that brings real time and location-based information on cutting edge trends directly to the iPhone.

– Easiest way to create step-by-step application instructions

IVPL– InvestmentPal (IVPL) is an online service which enables quality contributors and content to be found by tapping into one’s social networks. Focused on the finance vertical, its target users include investors, financial bloggers and professionals.

JungleCents– Jungle Cents helps consumers find deals at their favorite new online retailers by inverting the affiliate model in a fun and exciting way.

Kabbage– Kabbage provides financing to millions of businesses that sell products over marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. We leverage robust, real-time data about these sellers to augment credit scores and allow them to obtain the capital necessary to grow their businesses.

Knocking– Knocking is like having a live mobile phone web cam. LIVE VIDEO anywhere 3G or Wifi Phone to Phone

LIBOX– Libox lets you sync, share and play all of your HD media across all of your devices – for free. The Libox alpha product is in stealth and will launch to beta on June 15.

Medizzle– Medizzle by Collaborative Health Solutions is an advanced and secure information sharing platform that connects users with highly targeted referenced medical knowledge, care providers, mathmatically similar patients, products or services.

MightyMeeting Inc- MightyMeeting is a mobile collaboration and social publishing company. Users can manage a cloud-based library of presentations. They can access this library anywhere from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and others. They can join or start mobile web meetings directly from their smart phones and tablets in real-time and anytime.

mTouch– The mTouch is an affordable fully interactive multi-touch table capable of object recognition, enhancements via our App Store, and the ability to allow multiple users to simultaneously interact with virtual objects using their fingers.

NearVerse– LoKast is an iPhone app that allows users to create a digital identity of themselves and discover and exchange media in proximity to one another.

OliveWoo– Zynga and Yelp mated, OliveWoo is the dating site their grown-up child would use. OliveWoo combines matchmaking and social games, which fosters a community of users passionate about creating, reviewing, and sharing date ideas for both singles and couples.

OrganizedWisdom– OrganizedWisdom® is the first realtime, health and wellness discovery engine powered by health experts.

Plantly– Plantly is an online investment advice service that helps people find a better place for their hard-earned cash. It’s part of a new trend of financial services that come to fix Wall Street with higher standards and a straightforward approach.

RankAbove– RankAbove SEO technology Drive(TM) is an automated platform for SEO Professionals. Drive offers the ability to easily see more data; dramatically reduces the time spent on SEO tasks; and gives unprecedented ability to predict the results of SEO work.– RealUp is the revolutionary commercial real estate website offering free recent sales data, free property listings, free searching and free memberships. RealUp is committed to providing real estate professionals with up-to-date listings, information and exposure at the best value – free.

Runkeeper– RunKeeper by FitnessKeeper, Inc. is a mobile fitness platform that enables runners and other fitness enthusiasts to track, measure, and improve their fitness.

Snap Shop– Visualize furniture in your own living room – using your iPhone

sProphet Network– sProphet is an exciting social gaming platform that offers users a new way to share, participate and make predictions about real sporting events.– Stagename is a music gaming network, providing a platform for artists to better monetize music, while empowering consumers to become active participants in the creation, publishing and discovery of new music.– With just one line of code, Stiqr changes web-development in a way the world has never seen.

TaskUs TaskUs is a startup focused on helping other startups.

Think Eight– Think Eight takes web and mobile app ideas, molds them into sustainable businesses, and then drives them to successful exits. Our process of building businesses enables us to launch sustainable businesses on web and mobile platforms in a matter of weeks.

Tradepal, Inc– Tradepal is a marketplace that connects communities of friends and enables them to buy, sell, and trade online.

Tripping– Tripping is a hospitality network where travelers meet locals for tips, shared cups of coffee and even home stays. Recently launched and built on a social networking platform, Tripping already has thousands of members from over 80 countries.

Trybe, LLC– Trybe is a personalization service that uses proprietary matching technology to recommend people, content and products.

Verishow– VeriShow is a customer support SaaS based collaboration platform that requires no download or installation

Vertical Acuity– Vertical Acuity is revolutionizing how content is discovered and delivered online. We aggregate content across a vast network of sites and dynamically syndicate full page content based on real time network analytics and consumer behavior.

WayConnected– With WayConnected a single, worldwide, unique word represents all you personal, public and sharable information. WayConnected reduces all your hundreds of pieces of personal, public and sharable contact information to just ONE WORD… your wayID (™).

Zizio– Zizio aim to disrupt shopping experience via deep leverage of social behavior

MoreIdeas-MoreIdeas unlocks image content with its proprietary computational vision applications.