Tony Blair turns VC – Joins Silicon Valley firm as a senior adviser

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Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is joining Khosla Ventures, the VC firm. He will join as a senior adviser. Khosla is putting about $1.1 billion into clean technology companies and and tech companies right now.

One of the companies is Calera, a UK company which has a process to sequestrate carbon emissions in cement, while another, Kior, turns wood chips into biofuels.

Mr Blair said: “I am increasingly and crucially aware of the fact that the answer to these twin challenges — climate change and energy security — lies in developing the technological solutions of the future.”

It’s clearly a win for Khosla which will now get access to his significant global network.

Blair heads the “Breaking the Climate Deadlock” effort.

Khosla Ventures is based in Menlo Park, Calif., and invests between $5 million and $15 million in technology start-ups.

  • Michae

    “BREAKING”? Seriously, Mike? Don’t be pathetic. It’s called news, quit plastering buzzwords over it.

  • Vineet

    This is actually pretty breaking .. being a former prime minister I think tony blair is definitely a big deal ..

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  • Andy

    Well, after his record, I wouldn’t employ him as my janitor.

    • Andy

      I have reconsidered – I am now OK with him being my janitor.

  • Andy

    And why would Khosla Ventures want to be associated with an unindicted war criminal?

    • sparky

      wow. nothing like a war criminal in the board-room to get some deal-flow. maybe they can fund some chemical weapons for one of our “friends” and future enemies?

      pathetically stupid move.

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  • John

    Is Tony Blair going to actually be based in the Bay Area or working from the UK?

  • Ajax Jones

    P.S tony, you havent finished the objectives of your last job in Iraq.Afghanistan yet, so dont start taking on new jobs yet.

    as an aside, what stupid twat still leaves afghanistan as the first selection in the drop down of county selection of their join forms?

  • Sagar

    Please keep that Masonic, murderous, oil theiving, bush-sucking, wanker in the USA, and as far away from UK as possible. Just hope he don’t start ponying up to Obama, or we will need George Michael to do another Shoot the Dog video.

  • davidjwbailey

    this makes me faintly nauseous. the guy is a deluded religious sociopath who screwed over more businesses than Thatcher (you’ve all forgotten what he did to pension rights, schools, universities, telcos, banks, airlines and insurance companies have you?) and who has personal beliefs that are diametrically opposed to those of capitalism and investors, yet you think it a good idea to pay him megabucks for his ‘address book’?

    still, Khosla’s rivals will be laughing as he loads on unnecessary ‘targets’, adds wasteful bureaucracy and piles on the expensive advisors … as we biologists say “when a big tree falls in the forest, there is room for many smaller ones to grow”.

    BTW: Tony has no interest in the environment because he knows that GOD gave man dominion over the earth (and Tony believes in that sort of BS).

    still, as I said, if I was a rival to Khosla, I’d be cheering this move !

  • Marty

    That (in)famous grin is fuelled by greed.

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