LiveIntent Turns Static Social Media Sharing Buttons Into Dynamic Ones

Launching today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference (the audience voted them up on stage), LiveIntent aims to help publishers create meaningful connections on social networks.

What that means?

Static buttons on e.g. The Huffington Post are inadequate, says LiveIntent, and thus they think those buttons should be dynamic instead. If a user would click, say, the Twitter button, a publisher could show multiple accounts, not just links to one page. It keeps the users on the site, and also gives them a way to follow multiple accounts in one click.

Furthermore, you could potentially engage with the publisher inside the widget, so you don’t have to leave the page you were in to start a conversation. The startup’s technology is also smart enough to serve you different recommendations when you come back.

All this is aimed to give publishers another way to increase pageviews, ad impressions, unique visitors, and ultimately, revenue.

Second round presentation and expert feedback

Business model: performance-based but also on CPM basis for ‘sponsored tweets’.

“Consumers win, which means the advertisers win.”


Philip Kaplan: How much do you charge?

Response: minimum bid of 50 cents, auction-based model.

Philip Kaplan: We like it a lot. You may have the effect of MyBlogLog, where it would just take off.

Jeffrey Bussgang: it’s a lead-gen effort, right? I like the model.

Response: we agree, and it’s not only followers, but also information collection. Viral opportunity to deliver coupons.

josh Williams: the analytics part, is that made available to the sponsor?

Response: yes, we want to make publishers the experts.