Inkia's iPad clone, inPad, gets spec'd out

The Inkia inPad is a shameless iPad clone right down to the bezel and name. We first spotted the clone a few weeks back but hardware details didn’t accompany the pictures. Basically, a Chinese manufacturer got our attention by photocoping the iPad and installed Android. But we’ve kind of lost interest now that we know what’s on the inside.

It seems both the WiFi-only inPad 701 and the 3G-equipped inPad 702 are powered by the 600Mhz Rockchip RK2808 that’s found in many Chinese clones. They will be available with either a 128MB or 256MB of RAM and 4GB or 16GB SSD. Both models will also sport 2 USB ports, a MiniHDMI, a 2200mAH battery, and WiFi. Still interested?

Pricing and availability still isn’t available, but we kind of don’t care. The device seems woefully underpowered and probably won’t provide an iPad-meets-Android experience. Ping us when someone does that.