AppMakr adds features, now free for a limited time

We covered AppMakr a few months ago and found that they were a fairly cool way to make simple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch apps with a minimum of fuss. They’ve just announced that they hit 1 million downloads onall of their custom apps and have also announced a number of improvements to the service.

The service, to recap, allows you create simple apps consisting of RSS feeds and other pieces of data. You create the app online and “publish” it either privately or with their help.

AppMakr has served as the app development tool for iPhone Apps built by Newsweek, US Congressional Committees, MacLife, National Geographic, Harvard Business Review, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and thousands of others. AppMakr is an app-building service, which allows companies and individuals to make native mobile apps. The service is entirely web-based and lets users see a preview of the app as a fully-compiled, native iPhone app before it’s built.

The company just launched a number of improvements including an “App Quality Index” which allows you to squeak through the Apple approval process as well as push notifications and photo galleries.

You can create your app right here and publish it yourself. You’ll need to create an Apple Developer Account, but AppMakr will take care of most of the details. This offer is apparently for a limited time – they’re not announcing an end date – but, generally, it may be worth giving it a go if you’ve been thinking of creating a basic app.