The Next-Gen iPhone shows up in all white – think it's real?

Once the leaks start, they just don’t stop. After the first (and massive) leaks regarding the fouth-gen iPhone made their way out, more and more shots have been unearthed. As of late, however, a new variation has been poking its head up: a white-faced model.

While a few different shots have made their way out over the past few days, these ones are easily the clearest and most complete we’ve seen so far. Note that the face on the white model doesn’t seem to be pushed on completely. Apple’s been offering black/white options since the iPhone 3G, though the face is black in both models.

What do you think? Real? Not real? All I know: if this is real, I’m going to carry the white model. I’ll carry it hard. (Though I’m not even sure what that would entail.)