Complain about your dropped iPhone calls… with science

We just saw a great product at the TC Disrupt Hack Day. It’s basically a class action lawsuit generator against AT&T that uses your actual call drop data to tabulate how many times your phone crashed and how many times you’ve been generally hosed by AT&T.

The site is and it searches for baseband crashes on your desktop, uploads them, and saves them to a database. The results are tabulated and added to the total, eventually leading to a detailed class-action lawsuit.

Do you have an iPhone? Then you know it’s the best portable computer ever made, while at the same time being the worst. phone. ever. because it drops calls all the time!

Here’s what you can do: upload log files of dropped calls for your phone, see how many calls you dropped, where, and when, and then see how they compare with your friends!

Then, when we have enough data, we’re going to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of all our users, run Apple and AT&T through the ringer, and you can get a slice of the action! Don’t get mad, get even!

It’s still pretty rough right now but it’s nice to see your worst fears about dropped calls in black and white. The uploader app works only under OS X now (you can manually upload from Windows) and requires a bit of knowledge about log paths and such, but it grabs all of your logs, scans them, and adds up downtime. Obviously thoere are a few privacy issues with sharing your logs, but why not early-adopt in the mass lawsuit space?